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To Fuse is the act of blending or melting and Fusion is the creation of an element.  FuseFusion defines my process and its endless possibilities. 


The fluidity of melting glass defines my art because glass will take on many forms while it merges, melts, and shrinks to become true to itself..

Our Products

Tweeters make great gifts for those who need a smile.

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Trees that provide year-round comfort.

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About Paula

I am a newby to glass design and like other obsessed artists I am consumed by possibility.  I am motivated to explore where glass creations lead.  My name is Paula and I have been working with fabric for several years—but now, I am loving the transparency of glass.  I admire how it interacts with light so that it is ever changing and appears different as the light interacts with each piece. 

Why FuseFusion?  

A site for inspiring, handmade thoughtful gifts.

All the products on this website are meant to inspire.